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Returning heroes of E3 special!

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The Podcast RETURNS! Yes, following our week in Los Angeles documenting the charms and disappointments of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, we're back at the microphones with all your old friends - host Tom Champion, seagulls, noise from the server room, you name it.

Champo takes charge of an all-editorial podcast for once as we digest the events of the last seven days. He's joined by editor Tom Bramwell, Ellie Gibson and Christian Donlan.

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Unsurprisingly we begin by talking about our favourite games of the show. Ellie speaks movingly about dance games while Christian relates his experiences playing Ghost Trick and Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Then we talk about the conferences - the 3DS! Kinect! Kevin Butler! Whatever else happened! We also have amazing insights into what it was like to experience the Cirque du Soleil elephants and ponchos Project Natal Experience fiasco.

We also answer your questions about the show. Things like, "Where can I get a bit of what the Konami guys had?" (Japan) and "Did you get a chance to try Kinect sat down?" There is even time for our old friend hyphen.

Look out next week for another exciting guest as we return to our usual schedule of 3pm BST on Tuesday afternoons. Boom.

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