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Sony ties up DLC/pack-in exclusives

For MOH, Dead Space, Mafia, Brotherhood.

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Sony has announced a bunch of exclusive tie-ups with third-party publishers to provide downloadable content, betas and limited editions only available to PlayStation 3 owners.

EA will launch special versions of the new Medal of Honor (12th October) and Dead Space 2 (28th January) that include exclusives bonuses. Medal of Honor will ship with an HD remastering of Medal of Honor: Frontline (remember that?), while Dead Space 2 will include a copy of Dead Space: Extraction featuring PS Move support.

2K, meanwhile, will offer exclusive day-one downloadable content for Mafia II on PS3. "Loads of new missions and hours of additional arcade gameplay," apparently. Mafia II's out on 27th August.

Ubisoft is in on the act as well, promising an exclusive pack of missions for the PS3 version of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, and the news that the multiplayer beta for Ezio's new adventure will be exclusive to PS3. The full game's out on 16th November.

"Exclusive is my new favourite word," joked Sony US boss Jack Tretton during the - yes! - Sony E3 press conference.

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