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Lionhead: Fable II's co-op "was rubbish"

It's OK, you can get married in the new one.

Lionhead has admitted to Eurogamer that the implementation of online co-operative multiplayer in Fable II "was rubbish", but promised that Fable III's will be vastly improved.

Scripter Ted Timmins, our guide for a hands-on with the game at E3, said: "We do admit, the co-op in Fable II was rubbish. We'd be restricted to being within 10 yards of each other, I'd have to be your henchman."

In the new game, you will be able to bring your own hero character with its own stats, interface, individually morphed weapons and dog into a friends' game, Timmins explained.

You will also be able to wander freely anywhere within the same region, and get up to different things; one of you might be indulging in conversation and trading in town while the other fights and quests in the wild.

Furthermore, some of the possible interactions with NPCs will be available between players online - including marriage.

"If I'm playing with my girlfriend, I can get married to my girlfriend in the game," Timmins said. "Have a wedding, get down on one knee like in real life.

"When you actually get married in the game, you have a shared back account. So one day you might turn your game on thinking yeah, I've got 1000 gold, I can have that weapon that I wanted, you run over, you press A, you've got no money. The reason is, you go to your house, you've got pink wallpaper and a new bed."

Rest assured, Timmins also showed us a meaty non-marital slice of Fable III at E3, including the overhauled combat, the new continent of Aurora, the "touch" system of NPC interactions, the Sanctuary - a 3D room you can warp to at any time that acts as a menu and home - and more. Only the side of the game that will see you become the ruler of Albion remains under wraps.

Fable III is due out for both Xbox 360 and PC on 26th October this year.

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