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SOE reveals Star Wars: Clone Wars MMO

Free-to-play, for kids, out this autumn.

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that it's working on Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, a kids-focused, free-to-play, cartoon virtual world based on the Clone Wars TV shows and movie.

The game will be released "online and in retail stores" this autumn for PC.

"Clone Wars Adventures will be the most authentic and accessible Clone Wars experience for kids and families to play in their very own living room," said LucasArts publishing chief Mary Bihr on the union with SOE - the second for the two companies after Star Wars Galaxies.

Clone Wars Adventures sounds like it will be based very closely on SOE's popular, sturdy and enjoyable family MMO Free Realms, offering a variety of mini-games, pets, "safe" social features and the sale of in-game trinkets through a marketplace. You can play for free or opt for a monthly membership with access to more content.

It will feature starfighter combat, speeder bike racing, droid programming puzzles, and tower defence style games as well as droid pets, lots of customisation, and one of SOE's trademark card-trading games.

It sounds very much as though this report from last year, which claimed a new casual Star Wars MMO would use the same engine as Free Realms, was accurate.