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Sony confirms "PS4" videos are fake

Not a nifty PS3 promo campaign either.

Sony has confirmed that trailer videos for "PS4" doing the rounds on YouTube are nothing to do with the company.

"I can confirm that this video is not from SCE [Sony Computer Entertainment]," a PR representative told Game Informer.

The chances of Sony announcing a new home console next week were zero, obviously, but the 3D focus of the videos - one of which you can watch below - led some to believe that it might be a cunning viral campaign for PlayStation 3's expanding range of features, including stereoscopic 3D.

Sony's E3 press conference is on Tuesday 15th June at 12pm PST / 8pm BST, and the company is expected to show off the likes of Killzone 3, and provide more information on PlayStation Move and its 3D products.

Nothing to do with Sony.