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Wii GoldenEye controller for $70?

Gold-plated Classic or Klobb replica?

US retailer GameStop has listed a James Bond: GoldenEye controller for Wii for pre-order, for the princely sum of $69.99 (about £46 or €57).

The listing, spotted by Destructoid, appears to confirm earlier rumours that Activision's new GoldenEye game for the Wii would be offered alongside a special controller.

Destructoid has pictures of two possible special controllers. One is an official Nintendo Classic Controller with a gold finish. The other is a Wii Zapper-style gun shell for the remote and nunchuck, styled, rather cutely, after the Klobb sub machine gun from Rare's original N64 game.

The price tag seems high, although Destructoid points out that it could refer to a bundle of controller and game.

GoldenEye, developed for Activision by Eurocom, is a Wii-exclusive shooter that retells the story of the 1995 Pierce Brosnan film, recasting current Bond Daniel Craig in the lead. It's not a remake of the Rare classic, but pays tribute to it in various details and in the spirit of its frantic multiplayer mode.

It also supports every control scheme under the sun, including pointer and nunchuck, Zapper, Classic Controller and GameCube pad.