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FIFA 11 to "reinvent player authenticity"

Due out this autumn for PS3 and 360.

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EA Canada aims to "reinvent player authenticity" in FIFA 11, which will be released this autumn for PS3 and Xbox 360.

The key features in this year's iteration of the megabucks sports franchise are called Personality+ and Pro Passing, and between them they should promote players' individual skills and make the flow of play more realistic.

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FIFA 10 already had a huge database of stats for particular player attributes, but Personality+ will employ more of them in pronounced fashion.

Defenders, in particular, should be noticeably superior to other players at reading the play and dealing with skilful attackers, while goalkeepers will have different diving styles and noticeable advantages in terms of agility and reactions.

Pro Passing, meanwhile, will use more contextual logic to determine the success of passing. Along with a sort of power bar (which also provides feedback in the case of over or under hit passes), FIFA 11 will apply more "error" based on the circumstances in which passes are made.

On top of that, you'll be able to import crowd chants and your own music this year, and there are myriad other changes - handball is an option, nets can be customised, and animations have been overhauled to make it easier to identify players at pace.

EA isn't talking about changes to game modes yet, but will be showing the game at E3 next week and gamescom in August, so expect more details soon.

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