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ZOE3 "sort of pushed to the back"

Kojima not returning to his robots.

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Hideo Kojima has said that Zone of the Enders 3 has been "sort of pushed to the back" due to "various things", meaning we probably won't see it for an age.

For reasons that make less sense than the (underrated) final third of Metal Gear Solid 2, Kojima revealed this in a Ustream fan Q&A session from a hotel bathroom in Paris, as reported by Andriasang.

According to the site, producer Kenichiro Imaizumi said that one reason a ZOE sequel won't be happening any time soon is that Kojima's team would need to stop working on another project first.

Check out our Zone of the Enders 2 retrospective if you're 10 years old and have no idea what we're on about.

As for the Taboo thing Kojima mentioned on Twitter a while ago, he said: "The Taboo is a project for high spec machines that I'm hoping to do myself next. It may or may not be a taboo, but for me, I think it will be quite the problematic game."

Kojima was at E3 this week, although it was producer Shigenobu Matsuyama who introduced the world to Metal Gear Solid: Rising, as Kojima wants to distance himself from it now that he has passed on the torch.

One game he is happy to be associated with, of course, is Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, released today in Europe, for which he's in London today signing autographs.

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