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ShopTo calls for lower UK Kinect price

Pre-orders currently "very low".

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UK retailer ShopTo has called for Microsoft to lower the price it expects gamers to fork out for Xbox 360 motion sensor Kinect.

ShopTo pre-orders for Kinect are open now with a £124.86 price tag.

The current RRP of £129.99 and release date of Friday, 19th November listed on ShopTo are "placeholder", CEO Igor Cipolletta told Eurogamer this morning.

However, Cipolletta guaranteed those who pre-order Kinect will get the Xbox 360 add-on for the listed price irrespective of whether Microsoft's trade price is higher.

"It's too high," Cipolletta said of Kinect’s pricing.

"We believe that with this current economy it should be around £70. For £140 you can buy a Wii.

"Pre-orders are very low," he added.

Cipolletta doesn't expect Microsoft to bundle Kinect with the new Xbox 360 250GB model, set for a UK release on 16th July, although admitted that Microsoft may reveal such plans in the near future.

Last week Microsoft popped Kinect on its own online store priced $149, despite spokesperson Aaron Greenberg's repeated assertions that the $149 price tag put forward by US retailers is "purely speculative".

Cipolletta said that he has been told that Kinect's rumoured US pricing is correct, and based ShopTo's pricing on it.

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