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inFamous 2 confirmed by Sony

Sucker Punch PS3 exclusive at E3.

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Sony has confirmed that inFamous 2 is in development for PlayStation 3 and will be shown off properly at E3 next week.

According to the US official PlayStation Blog, "Sucker Punch has improved every aspect" of its open-world action-adventure.

The game will grace the cover of next month's Game Informer in the US, where protagonist Cole MacGrath can be seen throbbing with electrical energy on a rooftop while a city street burns and tears itself up behind him.

inFamous was released in May 2009 and saw MacGrath struggling to come to terms with his latent superpowers. It played out like a mixture of superhero action and third-person shooter, with a good/evil "karma" system that changed the way the world reacted to the player.

Earlier this year Sony was spotted registering an inFamous 2-related domain, before a Portuguese magazine further blew the game's cover.

We're expecting to see it in action at E3 next week, and it will likely make a splash at Sony's press conference on Tuesday 15th June at 12pm PST / 8pm BST.

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