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Eufloria coming to PSN next year

Will feature improvements on the original.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Eufloria, the pretty indie offering which has already been a hit on PC, is heading to PlayStation Network.

According to developer Omni Systems the game will be "more than a straight port" and will feature "a number of improvements over the current version". These will include enhanced visuals and gameplay mechanics, along with new content.

"During original development we had many really nice ideas that could not be implemented due to scope considerations," said designer Rudolf Kremers.

"Core development was down to only two people after all. This PSN release gives us a marvellous opportunity to put several of them into the game after all, which is very exciting to us." In fact, reckons Omni, it would be more accurate to describe the new version as "Eufloria ++". The game will be released in "early 2011".

Eurogamer reviewed the original Eufloria back in November, describing it as a "beautiful, thoughtful curiosity" but giving it 5/10. Read the review to find out why.

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