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Sony to invest $20m in PSN exclusives

3 year cash boost for digital games.

Sony is investing $20 million in PSN exclusives over the next three years, the platform holder has announced.

The cash injection will support both first-party studios as well as Sony's Pub Fund indie outreach scheme.

Minimalist RTS Eufloria, cartoony puzzler Okabu and quirky adventure Papo & Yo are among the first fruits of the programme (the latter two trailered below), with more titles to be announced in due course.

"It means more unique, fun, innovative, edgy and higher quality game experiences on PSN that you won’t find anywhere else," wrote PSN marketing director Brandon Stander on the PlayStation Blog.

"Under this investment, we’re committed to delivering titles that have innovative gameplay mechanics, vibrant visuals, interesting storylines and an artistic element to interactive entertainment that can only be found on PlayStation Network."