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Earthworm Jim HD out this Wednesday

XBLA release for nineties platform revamp.

Earthworm Jim HD is due out on Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday, 9th June, and will cost 800 Microsoft Points (£6.80 / €9.60).

Earthworm Jim is a rather weird 2D platformer released for a multitude of formats in the mid 1990s by Shiny Entertainment. Jim uses his head as a whip, launches cows around and generally behaviours peculiarly.

The HD update aims to make the most of all that and also introduces a four-player co-operative mode.

PlayStation Network and WiiWare versions should follow in a month's time according to previous reports. Developer Gameloft has already ported a non-HD version to iPhone.

Check out the trailer below for a bit more insight.


In announcing the Earthworm Jim HD date, Xbox Live's Major Nelson also revealed that a LEGO Harry Potter demo will be released on Xbox Live today, and that the ranks of titles on Games on Demand will swell tomorrow to include Red Faction: Guerrilla and Need for Speed Undercover.

He also listed upcoming Deals of the Week.