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Three iconic Mega Drive games have wormed their way to Nintendo Switch

Earthworm Jim! Alisia Dragoon! The Story of Thor!

Three more classic Mega Drive games have been added to Nintendo Switch Online for Expansion Pack members.

And they are: Earthworm Jim, Alisia Dragoon, and The Story of Thor (known as Beyond Oasis in the US).

Earthworm Jim is the most well known of these, a 90s character platformer about a humanoid worm in a space suit (look, it was the '90s...), but don't sleep on those other two.

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The Story of Thor is certainly worth a go for Zelda fans. It was published by Sega and developed by Ancient, who also helped out on a number of other Mega Drive games (like the Streets of Rage series), created a prequel for the Saturn called The Legend of Oasis, and later chipped in with Shenmue for the Dreamcast.

It tells the story of... no, not Thor, but Prince Ali who must explore a number of dungeons to gain the elemental power of summon spirits to defeat evil.

Alisia Dragoon, meanwhile, was developed by Game Arts, who went on to create the Lunar and Grandia series of RPGs.

This, however, is a fantasy platformer starring the titular Alisia who shoots lightning from her hands and is accompanied by various pets including a dragon. It was included on the first Mega Drive Mini.

Earlier this week Nintendo announced a number of N64 games coming to the service, including the Mario Party and Pokémon Stadium games, and the iconic Goldeneye complete with online multiplayer.

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Earthworm Jim

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