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Earthworm Jim 2 comes to Nintendo Switch Online

Play like it's 1996.

Nintendo has announced three new Switch Online games for March, and they include the 90's run and gun platformer Earthworm Jim 2.

Not many could slow their fall from a great height by ballooning out huge quantities of snot to make some kind of bogey-chute, but Earthworm Jim could. Now, he is back once more, thanks to this recent update from Nintendo.

Earthworm Jim 2 can be played through the Nintendo Switch Online's SNES app.

Cover image for YouTube videoNES & Super NES - March 2022 Game Updates - Nintendo Switch Online

In addition to this piece of nostalgia, both Dig Dug 2 and Mappy-Land are also available to play through, this time via the Switch's NES app.

In Dig Dug 2 players take on the role of Taizo Hori, as they try and rid islands of various monsters. To do this, Taizo can either use a pump to inflate enemies until they burst, or use a jackhammer to create faults in the ground and ultimately sink large parts of the island into the sea.

Meanwhile, in Mappy-Land players become a mouse who must collect items while subsequently avoiding enemies.

As well as these new games, a recent update for NSO also added a new missions and rewards section to the service.

This new section offers users the chance to earn 'My Nintendo Platinum Points', which can then be redeemed for exclusive items.

In addition to the above, the Nintendo Switch Online app also got its own sizable update earlier in the month. This saw changes being made to the app's overall design, as well as the ability to see which friends are online.

This update also now allows users to change their online-status settings and view their friend code without having to turn on a Nintendo Switch.