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Joe Danger could appear on other formats

Wasn't practical at first. Plus: replays soon!

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Joe Danger developer Hello Games has said that it may consider porting its PlayStation 3 title to other formats, including Xbox 360, but it would have been humanly impossible to get the game out on multiple platforms initially.

"It does run on 360. I shouldn't say that, but it does," Hello MD Sean Murray joked on the Podcast today.

"We're just four dudes making the game. It takes everything we've got to just bring it out on one platform. People probably don't understand that, but it's this huge amount of work, and huge amount of money to do that.

"We're kind of free agents after this, so we'll see, and we want to get our game out there. But no, we couldn't have brought it out on lots of different platforms. That would've killed us."

Murray also said the team would continue to support the game with extra features after release, including the option to save and share replays.

"Yes, that's... unannounced, but we don't have any press plans so that's absolutely fine," he said when we prompted him about it. "There's loads of stuff like that that we're adding. We can't wait to get the game out there so people can tell us what they want."

Earlier Murray had said that the team of four guys at Hello came to a point during development where they had to stop adding new things and get the game out of the door.

"We made the game, and then we eventually had to stop. It was literally like, 'We've all run out of money now. We have to stop.' We just, even now, are still continuing to add stuff and to get a patch ready and stuff like that. It's just a labour of love," he explained.

"We just throw in everything that we can, and there's some stuff that didn't make it that we will keep putting in and everything. People have said, 'Have you got DLC plans?' or whatever, and if we were smart we would have maybe kept back some of the game like publishers do, but we just threw everything in."

And how. Joe Danger is out today in the US on PlayStation Network and tomorrow in Europe, where it will cost £9.99 / €14.99. Check out our 8/10 Joe Danger review elsewhere on Eurogamer to find out why it's ace.

Or, watch me smashing it up on the first level below.

Tom is now way better at this level. Totally.

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