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Medal of Honor multiplayer beta date

Retailer points to early July.

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EA will launch a multiplayer beta for the new Medal of Honor game on 5th July according to retailer Play.com.

"Pre-ordering Medal Of Honor from Play.com will give fans the opportunity to join the Medal of Honor multiplayer BETA when it goes live on July 5th 2010," according to the listing (thanks VG247).

"The BETA will take place between July 5th and July 17th - access codes will be emailed on July 5th. All pre-orders through Play.com will entitle customers to an access code. BETA access details are subject to change at any time."

The multiplayer side of Medal of Honor, which will be shown off at E3 in Los Angeles next week, is being developed by Swedish studio DICE, while the single-player campaign has been put together by EA Los Angeles.

So far we've only seen the single-player in detail. Check out our most recent Medal of Honor single-player preview for a full overview.

The game is due out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on 15th October.