December 2022 Archive

    1. Pokémon Go New Year’s Celebration 2023 field research tasks, spawns and bonuses
    2. Our 2022 Game of the Year: will Elden Ring be the last of its kind?
    1. The 37 best games of 2022
    1. Games of 2022: Pentiment is the year's best balancing act
    2. Games of 2022: Signalis was the best reminder of what matters
    3. Games of 2022: Far Changing Tides was the best paean to survival
    1. Nintendo patches a security vulnerability that could give hackers "full console takeover"
    2. Sonic Team boss Takashi Iizuka says 2022 was "the biggest year in Sonic history"
    3. China green-lights publishing 45 international games
    4. The Nier: Automata anime adaptation debuts next month
    5. Five Sonic the Hedgehog Lego sets leak online
    6. Yuji Naka has been formally indicted for insider trading offences
    7. Steam Replay 2022 is here to reveal what PC game kept you busiest this year
    8. Games of 2022: Melatonin was the best chance to manifest
    9. Games of 2022: The Radical Dreamers had the most radical dreams
    1. Druckmann says The Last of Us TV show "will be the best, most authentic game adaptation"
    2. Here's Lost Ark's early 2023 roadmap
    3. Microsoft states Final Fantasy 16 and Silent Hill 2 Remake will not come to Xbox consoles
    4. Artist profile hints at a possible Death Stranding 2 release window
    5. Games of 2022: Elden Ring had the year's best cosmic gods
    6. Cubchoo 100% perfect IV stats, shiny Cubchoo in Pokémon Go
    7. Games of 2022: Sniper Elite 5 had the best art
    1. Games of 2022: Trombone Champ was the best way to experience failure and fun together
    2. Games of 2022: Pokémon was the best vicarious experience
    1. Games of Christmas past
    2. Games of 2022: Betrayal at Club Low was the best examination of the weird world of working
    3. Games of 2022: Disney Dreamlight Valley's promising world in progress
    1. Games of 2022: God of War's great dual protagonists, and a look back at Horizon Forbidden West's accessibility options.
    2. Games of 2022: Roadwarden made money interesting again
    3. Pokémon Go Hisuian Avalugg raid guide, counters, weaknesses and moveset explained
    1. That's a wrap for 2022
    2. Nintendo Switch exclusive Sports Story out now
    3. Can Xbox Series S still deliver a next-gen Witcher 3 experience?
    4. Save up to 10% on various gift cards, subscriptions, and digital games this Christmas
    5. Encased is the next Epic Games Store free game
    6. Fake Pokémon NFT project taken to court by The Pokémon Company
    7. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Temple of Osiris Nintendo Switch ports quietly delayed
    8. Three redacted, future Bethesda games are exclusives, Microsoft states
    9. In need of a real last minute Christmas gift? This Samsung 256GB microSD card is £18 at Amazon
    10. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 players mourn the loss of museum map found in beta
    11. Nab the fastest gaming SSD at a new low price from Amazon right now
    12. Games of 2022: Kirby and the Forgotten Land had the best road trip montage
    13. Meta coughs up $725m in Cambridge Analytica settlement
    14. The Division 2 hits Steam in January - nearly four years after it came out
    15. God of War Ragnarök gets New Game Plus mode next year
    16. Microsoft claims FTC's lawsuit against Activision Blizzard buyout is unconstitutional
    17. Sherlock Holmes developer Frogwares shares update on life in Ukraine amid ongoing war with Russia
    18. Gran Turismo series speeds past 90m sold
    19. Valheim's wayward Mistlands balancing hides its vast potential
    20. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge gets CRT and VCR filters
    21. PS Plus January 2023 monthly games leaked
    22. Games of 2022: The best Pokéball of 2022 was made of wood
    1. Logitech's G435 Lightspeed wireless headset is down to £35 at Amazon after a £40 discount
    2. Ex-Far Cry boss Dan Hay now in charge of Blizzard's upcoming new survival game
    3. GTA Online holiday update pays homage to Die Hard and The Grinch
    4. Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics all free from the Epic Games Store
    5. Hideo Kojima taking an "arthouse approach" with Death Stranding movie
    6. Rainbow Six Siege cheaters are forcing chickens onto people's feeds
    7. Companies thought Hideo Kojima was "mad" before Microsoft picked up his cloud game
    8. Four years after its disastrous launch, Fallout 76 now has an impressive 13.5m players
    9. 343 Industries reflects on one year of Halo Infinite
    10. The Last of Us Part 1 PS5 Firefly Edition finally available in the UK, costs £100
    11. Mario Kart 8's Lakitu now drops you off in the right location in London Loop
    12. Cowabunga! SNES classic TMNT 4: Turtles in Time gets online multiplayer
    13. Games of 2022: Elden Ring was the best game for breaking the rules
    14. For the first time, Blizzard issues a World of Warcraft roadmap spanning an entire year
    15. The Witcher Season 3 gives Henry Cavill's Geralt a "heroic sendoff", showrunner says
    16. 500 public comments to the CMA on Microsoft-Activision deal were abusive or unintelligible
    17. Remember PS3 hacker Geohot who Elon Musk hired to help fix Twitter? He quit
    18. Square Enix ditches Nintendo Switch racer Chocobo GP after just nine months
    19. Games of 2022: Live A Live was the best short story collection of the year
    1. Lego Builder’s Journey is next Epic Store giveaway
    2. Much requested loadout drops make a return to Warzone 2.0
    3. Star Wars Jedi Survivor has five "fully realised" stances, dual blade and Kylo Ren-style crossguard lightsabers detailed
    4. Someone modded that God of War scene to have Messi and Mbappe battle it out
    5. Atari says it may need extra funding to continue following VCS retro console flop and blockchain struggles
    6. Outer Wilds and eight other games leave Xbox Game Pass this December
    7. Games of 2022: The best update of 2022 was in Sea of Thieves
    8. Take-Two takes down Goat Simulator 3 ad that used leaked GTA 6 footage
    9. The Witcher 3 next-gen: ray tracing and performance modes tested on PS5 and Xbox Series X
    10. Currys has the Logitech G502 Hero for just £25 with this code
    11. Wolfenstein: The New Order latest Epic Games Store giveaway, free to claim for a few more hours
    12. Rio Ferdinand reprimanded by Advertising Standards Authority over PlayStation sponsored posts
    13. Games of 2022: The Excavation of Hob's Barrow had the most unforgettable introductions of the year
    14. PlayStation Plus Extra to lose 10 PS4 games in January
    15. Small band of gamers team up to sue Microsoft over Activision Blizzard deal
    16. High on Life is now the most popular thing on Xbox Game Pass
    17. Games of 2022: Tunic held the best puzzle solving moment
    1. Sony's £210 DualSense Edge controller will have worse battery life than the original
    2. Sifu headed to Steam and Xbox in March 2023
    3. Games of 2022: Hindsight was the best for invoking the brilliance of Terence Malick and Wong Kar Wai
    4. The Witcher 3's next-gen upgrade is beautiful on PC - but performance is not good enough
    5. Bergmite 100% perfect IV stats, shiny Bergmite preview in Pokémon Go
    6. Here's The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer recreated with N64 graphics
    7. What The Bat is the casual hit VR has been waiting for
    8. The Witcher 3 next gen on PC gets hotfix to fix teething issues
    9. Canine photography game Pupperazzi coming to Nintendo Switch
    10. Games of 2022: A Plague Tale: Requiem provided the best big sister
    11. Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift due to "design flaw", UK consumer group reports
    1. Dark Pictures fans complain at two month wait for crucial fixes
    2. DF Direct Weekly: should the next Steam Deck deliver more performance?
    3. Crash Bandicoot mobile game shutting down after less than two years
    4. Fortnite maker Epic Games slapped by $520m FTC fine
    5. EA's FIFA predicts World Cup winner for fourth time in a row
    6. Games of 2022: Sephonie was the most nuanced nostalgia trip
    7. We've had some wonderful people on the podcast this year
    8. Square Enix wants £245 for its Final Fantasy 1-6 Pixel Remaster 35th Anniversary Edition
    9. China-set Assassin's Creed Jade playtest footage leaks online
    10. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2's mid-season update has been plagued with issues
    11. FIFA 23 is the UK's boxed chart Christmas number one
    12. Grab a 55-inch Sony A80J OLED from PRC Direct for £100 off with this clever discount
    13. Grab a massive Gigabyte OLED gaming monitor for £799 at Currys right now
    14. Games of 2022: Stranger Of Paradise was the best prequel we never knew Final Fantasy needed
    1. Civilization 6 Leader Pass' new pack, Great Commanders, is here
    2. Sable is today's Epic Games Store giveaway
    3. Lost Ark's December Update is "Wreck the Halls" and it's available now
    4. The Falconeer gets a surprise PC VR update
    5. Ian's top ten best PSVR games of all time
    6. Microsoft may be introducing cheaper, ad-supported Xbox Game Pass tiers
    7. Sker Ritual Episode 2 takes players back to Sker Hotel
    8. Discover "the creative process" behind Dying Light 2's soundtrack
    9. Ubisoft's mysterious Star Wars game is looking for playtesters
    10. High on Life and the games that land a laugh
    11. Games of 2022: Gran Turismo 7 had the best musical interlude from Idris Elba
    12. One night at Marufukuro, the Nintendo hotel
    1. Costume Quest 2 is Epic Games Store's next festive freebie
    2. Play Assassin's Creed Valhalla for free right now
    3. Meta's VR consulting CTO leaves the company, telling the firm to "make better decisions" and "give a damn"
    4. Warzone 2.0 crossplay: are last-gen console players competitively disadvantaged?
    5. Tim Schafer says the best, most inclusive games are "never based on stereotypes"
    6. Games of 2022: Marvel Snap offered the best moments of reflection
    7. Games of 2022: Kirby and The Forgotten Land was the best start to a family tradition
    1. Five Criterion veterans depart following Need for Speed Unbound launch
    2. Guerrilla Games makes its rumoured Horizon online project official
    3. High On Life contains AI art and voice acting
    4. Portal with RTX kicks off a new retro ray tracing revolution
    5. Eurogamer News Quiz of the Year 2022!
    6. How to rescue training dummies in the water in Fortnite
    7. How Elden Ring dominated the headlines in 2022
    8. Where to acquire Deku's Smash in Fortnite
    9. The Callisto Protocol patch addresses performance issues, speeds up some animations
    10. Epic Games Store begins its festive freebie giveaway
    11. Henry Cavill reportedly set to star in a Warhammer 40K series at Amazon
    12. FIFA 23 World Cup Swaps Token Tracker and Path to Glory Tracker
    13. How to hide in giant snowballs in Fortnite
    14. Destiny 2 Cookie Delivery Helper quest steps and rewards
    15. Don't expect a souped-up second-gen Steam Deck soon
    16. Players find Witcher 3 Easter egg connected to unsolved Cyberpunk 2077 mystery
    17. Henry Cavill won't return to Netflix's The Witcher after Superman snub
    18. Data hoarders of the world unite: grab a Seagate Exos 18TB HDD for less than £290
    19. Fire Emblem Engage will let you polish your rings
    20. CD Projekt "aware of the issues" plaguing The Witcher 3's long-awaited update on PC
    21. Columns and three other Mega Drive gems join Nintendo Switch Online
    22. What we've been playing
    23. Ash and Pikachu to depart Pokémon series after 25 years
    24. How to get Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley
    25. Grab this LG 55-inch CS OLED for just £829 with this code
    26. Understanding the pull of 'undemanding' games
    27. We've got a new look guides team for 2023
    28. Peppa Pig will return for a world adventure in 2023
    29. LIVE: These are the best Christmas gaming deals
    1. Henry Cavill's dog is in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's new-gen update
    2. Six years after his retirement, Blizzard veteran Chris Metzen returns to Warcraft
    3. Death Stranding is getting a movie adaptation
    4. Marvel's Spider-Man 2 launching "fall" 2023
    5. No Man's Sky dev's stunt racer Joe Danger now free to play in browsers
    6. Upgrade your racing sim for less with these discounted Logitech wheels and pedals
    7. The Forspoken demo: six graphics modes to choose from but what do they do?
    8. Amazon Games working with Crystal Dynamics on next Tomb Raider
    9. Fortnite Cozy Lodge location, where to check Cozy Lodge for slice of pizza
    10. Nintendo announces Smash Bros. Sephiroth and Kazuya amiibo release date
    11. Modern Warfare 2 free multiplayer access period starts today
    12. Starfield faction quests can be played independently, more akin to Skyrim than Fallout 4
    13. You can finally pet the horse in The Witcher 3
    14. Fireworks puzzler Fantavision returns to PSVR2 day one
    15. Resident Evil Village will get free DLC to become PlayStation VR2 launch title
    16. Pokémon Go Mega Glalie counters, weaknesses and moveset explained
    1. Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection gets April release date
    2. Amazon's live-action God of War TV adaptation is officially go
    3. Baldur's Gate 3 early access to get paladin in maybe the last significant update before release
    4. Epic pulling online services for 20+ titles including Unreal Tournament series
    5. PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium line-up for December revealed
    6. Fortnite Winterfest 2022 presents list and how to get all gifts
    7. Bloober Team working on new survival horror IP with Take-Two's Private Division
    8. Here are some of the best gaming accessories to get with Currys 30 per cent discount
    9. This artist predicted Idris Elba in Cyberpunk 2077 two years ago
    10. The Callisto Protocol on PS4 and Xbox One - the beginning of the end for cross-gen?
    11. Hollywood's Super Nintendo World opens in February
    12. Cuphead's Delicious Last Course sells 2m copies
    13. On the day The Witcher 3 next-gen update arrives, we remember our favourite stories about it
    14. Grand Theft Auto 5 PS5 and Xbox Series X/S ray-tracing patch now live
    15. Grab seven PC sim racing titles for £11 and support charity!
    16. Getty Images watermark spotted in Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion
    17. PlayStation Plus' top PS1 game of 2022 was Toy Story 2, and I wanted to find out what all the Buzz was about
    18. Marvel's Midnight Suns PC users are bypassing the 2K Launcher for better results
    19. Get a PS5 DualSense controller with FIFA 23 for £65 at Currys
    20. Tesla rolling out Steam integration in cars
    21. Insomniac's Spider-Man spotted in Spider-Verse trailer
    22. Nintendo releases first update in 10 years for Mario Kart 7
    23. Warhammer 40,000: Darktide review - a horde of minor flaws can be overcome by faith
    24. Destiny 2 Exotics list - New Season of the Seraph weapons and The Witch Queen Exotics listed
    25. Voting for the Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2022 is open!
    26. Subnautica's 2.0 update brings accessibility improvements and over 800 bug fixes
    1. Grab this 1TB PCIe 4.0 SSD for £77 after an Ebay voucher code
    2. Watch Dogs Legion is the next Ubisoft game heading to Steam
    3. Get a PS5 Digital edition with an extra controller and FIFA 23 for the perfect holiday gift.
    4. Two Point Campus gets a festive makeover in free winter update
    5. Watch out - Valheim's new enemies are destroying 100-hour player bases
    6. Sonic Frontiers races to 2.5m sales in first month
    7. DF Direct Weekly: the team reacts to The Game Awards' big reveals
    8. Destiny 2 Hierarchy of Needs drop location, catalyst source explained
    9. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass: New waves, where to buy, and price
    10. Twitch removes hate group from approved charities following backlash
    11. Returnal on PC recommends a whopping 32GB of RAM
    12. Microsoft reportedly offered Sony the option to put Call of Duty on PlayStation Plus
    13. Armored Core 6 will not play like a Soulsborne game
    14. Mario Kart should introduce a Mario Maker style cup creator
    15. Twitch streamer plays Elden Ring with hands and feet simultaneously
    16. The post-peripheral music game evolution implies a bright future for the genre
    17. Here's where to buy Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion
    18. The Xbox Series S is back to under £200
    19. Spheal 100% perfect IV stats, shiny Spheal in Pokémon Go
    1. How to use Scavenger abilities in LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga and list of all Scavenger characters
    2. Eurogamer's fresh line of fits is ready for your Xmas stocking
    3. LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga Datacards locations, how to get all Datacards explained
    4. High on Life review - a mediocre shooter with an unfunny attitude problem
    5. Genshin Impact TCG Genius Invokation how to unlock, rules and phases explained
    6. All LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga cheat codes list
    7. Lost Michael Jackson Sega World game recovered from UK flea market
    8. This HyperX SoloCast mic is a steal at £38.99 from Amazon right now
    9. Warzone 2.0's controversial LA Thieves skin is nerfed in latest update
    10. AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT and 7900 XTX review: can RDNA 3 bring the value?
    11. Where to buy these fantastic Nintendo Switch OLED bundles before Christmas
    12. Bowser Jr. and Birdo are coming to Mario Strikers: Battle League this week
    13. Overwatch 2 tier list ranking and best Heroes in Season 2
    14. Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis beta launching next summer
    15. Save on lots of computer tech with these CCL Christmas Deals
    16. EU sets December 2024 deadline for USB-C charging
    17. Forspoken is magical but it's an awkward collision of east and west
    18. Xbox addresses lack of Game Awards presence, promises "incredibly exciting" 2023
    19. The Last of Us Part 1 will be Steam Deck compatible
    20. Ubisoft confirms Assassin's Creed Valhalla won't get Steam Achievements
    21. Why don't we talk more about cognitive accessibility?
    22. Tekken 7 reaches 10m sales worldwide
    23. Days Gone director says Sony Bend "punched way above [its] weight" on game's release
    24. The Outbound Ghost publisher files lawsuit against developer in wake of "dissolved" relationship
    25. Save up to 27% on AA and AAA batteries at Amazon
    1. Xbox boss Phil Spencer says Sony wants to "grow by making Xbox smaller"
    2. Goat Simulator 3's free Mandatory Holiday Update is out now
    3. Netflix's The Witcher showrunner disputes claims the show's writers "mocked the books"
    4. Indie dev suggests players "don't buy" his game as the relationship with their publisher has "dissolved"
    5. Hubris is an undeniably gorgeous VR adventure but its beauty is only skin deep
    6. The House of the Dead: Remake "Limidead Edition" is now available on PS4
    7. Rundowns are "here to stay" in GTFO
    8. Jurassic World Evolution 2 rolls out its new Dominion Malta Expansion DLC
    9. How iRacing is making up for lost ground with its big 2023 update
    1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is now the US' biggest-selling game of 2022
    2. Metal: Hellsinger rocks up on PS4 and Xbox One as it celebrates 1m players
    3. Canadian court decides class-action lawsuit against Fortnite can proceed
    4. For Honor's Year 6 Season 4, Shattered Fates, launches next week
    5. Keywords Studios opens new Romanian studio
    6. Elden Ring has "several more things" on the way, and Miyazaki's planning "even more interesting games"
    7. Riot sues NetEase for its alleged Valorant "copy", Hyper Front
    8. PUBG: Battlegrounds is now available on Epic Games Store
    9. Elden Ring: The Board Game isn't an exact replica of the video game - and that's a good thing
    1. Ubisoft's creep back onto Steam continues with Immortals Fenyx Rising
    2. Where to find Ditto in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
    3. How to get festive fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley
    4. Take a look at gorgeous Ghibli-esque exploration adventure Europa
    5. What did we think of The Game Awards 2022?
    6. Latest Wild Hearts trailer introduces fresh batch of behemoth Kemono
    7. Diablo 4 £90 Ultimate Edition includes early access and accelerated battle pass
    8. Things that caught my eye in last night's Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty DLC trailer
    9. Fortnite's massive UE5 update delivers next-gen features on all consoles at 60fps
    10. Jun Kazama returns in Tekken 8, 27 years after her last mainline appearance
    11. Season passes, the in-game shop, the shared world: the big Diablo 4 interview
    12. How to make gingerbread house in Disney Dreamlight Valley
    13. Final Fantasy 16 now has an official release date
    14. Brink developer Splash Damage developing Transformers: Reactivate
    15. Get big discounts on laptops and gaming accessories with Box's Christmas deals
    16. Cyberpunk platformer Replaced launching on Xbox Game Pass
    17. There's a playable teaser for the Bayonetta prequel in Bayonetta 3
    18. Is £70 a fair price for Xbox Series X/S and PS5 games?
    19. Where to buy AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX and RX 7900 XT: UK and US links
    20. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 gameplay reveal makes the Emperor proud
    21. Grab an Xbox Series X from BT and get Far Cry 6 and Forza Horizon 5 for free
    22. How to make yule log in Disney Dreamlight Valley
    23. What we've been playing
    24. Days Gone wasn't a hit because reviewers were too "woke", director claims
    25. This Nintendo Switch OLED deal lets you get either Mario Kart Live or Zelda: Skyward Sword for free
    26. £50 cashback on this 2TB Samsung T7 portable SSD brings it to a historic low price
    27. Need for Speed: Unbound review - the best Need for Speed in a generation
    28. The Game Awards stage invader arrested
    29. Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon coming 2023
    30. Everything announced at The Game Awards 2022
    31. Idris Elba heads to Night City in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty DLC
    32. Life is Strange dev unveils supernatural action-RPG Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden
    33. Here's a brand new clip from The Super Mario Bros. Movie
    34. Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC coming in April, PlayStation 5 only
    35. Company of Heroes 3 confirmed for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S
    36. Amazon bringing Bandai Namco anime MMORPG Blue Protocol to west
    37. Wayfinder is Joe Madureira studio's new free-to-play online action-RPG
    38. Baldur's Gate 3 has a sort-of release date, finally
    39. Death Stranding 2 officially revealed by Hideo Kojima
    40. Nightingale offers an intriguing Victorian survival fantasy with a Mary Poppins umbrella
    41. The Last of Us Part 1 gets March 2023 release date on PC
    42. Celeste devs show first look at Earthblade
    43. Kevin Conroy voices Batman for one last time in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League
    44. Looks like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's March release date has leaked
    45. Hades is getting a sequel, the Princess of the Underworld is heading our way
    46. Bayonetta is getting a fairytale prequel next year
    47. Ken Levine's new game looks like BioShock in space
    48. Among Us gets official Hide and Seek mode
    49. Looks like Street Fighter 6's launch date has leaked
    50. Dead Cells is getting paid Castlevania DLC next year
    51. Returnal on PC officially announced
    52. There's a Hellboy roguelite action-adventure coming to PC and consoles
    53. There's a brand new Valiant Hearts on the way
    1. Diablo 4 development plagued by chaos and mismanagement claims new report
    2. League of Legends, Valorant and more Riot games launch next week on Game Pass
    3. FTC suing to block Microsoft's $69bn Activision Blizzard acquisition
    4. Pokémon Go Fighting Cup Remix best team recommendations
    5. Sifu gets replay editor and more in today's free autumn update
    6. Activision sues California over its Activision lawsuit
    7. Destiny 2 Rose god roll and drop location
    8. Callisto Protocol's PC patch tested: shader compilation stutter fixed, but issues remain
    9. How to make fruitcake in Disney Dreamlight Valley
    10. Forspoken demo announcement leaked by PlayStation
    11. Watch The Game Awards live with us tonight
    12. Genshin Impact Aeonblight Drake location and how to beat Aeonblight Drake boss
    13. Warhammer 40,000: Darktide - a stunning technical accomplishment that pushes PC hard
    14. How to beat the Ageless Champion easily in Fortnite
    15. Heroes of Hyrule video report receives copyright strike from Nintendo
    16. Save on some of the year's biggest games with the Game Awards' Xbox digital sale
    17. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Legendary Pokémon, including Koraidon, Miraidon and Treasures of Ruin legendaries
    18. Minecraft's bizarre end poem never owned by Mojang or Microsoft, writer claims
    19. Kojima's latest tease looks to be setting up a Léa Seydoux reveal
    20. Custom items are the best thing to happen to Mario Kart 8
    21. Help Ian celebrate 'HigTen', his 10 year Eurogamer anniversary by joining his 7 hour community-based stream
    22. How to make boba tea in Disney Dreamlight Valley, including raspberry, mint, coconut, and gooseberry boba tea
    23. PlayStation 5 long-term supply issues "resolved" in Japan and Asia
    24. Next Bioshock game lands Far Cry and Ghost of Tsushima writer as narrative lead
    25. Over £500k of Evercade stock reported stolen in "terrible, potentially organised attack"
    26. Grab a 65-inch LG OLED for £1199 after a £300 discount
    27. FIFA 23 OTW upgrade tracker, including Wins to Watch, Nations to Watch, Team of the Week predictions
    1. Sony holding free PlayStation Plus online multiplayer weekend starting Saturday
    2. Free-to-play mobile shooter The Division Resurgence gets "live test" tomorrow
    3. Jeff Minter's latest is a "reimagining" of unreleased '80s arcade game Akka Arrh
    4. Adorable mouse adventure Moss and its sequel are PSVR2 launch titles
    5. How to catch Kingfish in Disney Dreamlight Valley
    6. ToeJam and Earl film in the works at Amazon
    7. I've spent 10 hours with Diablo 4 and I'm sold - it's been worth the wait
    8. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe gets custom items feature today in free update
    9. The Digital Foundry Supporter Program - what we've achieved and where we're going next
    10. Sonic and Genshin Impact fans squabble over The Game Awards' fan vote
    11. Looking back on Nintendo's Call of Duty offerings from over the years
    12. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Pokédex, all Pokémon locations in the Paldea Pokédex listed
    13. Nab this PS5-compatible Seagate 1TB SSD (with heatsink!) for under £110
    14. Former Sonic boss Yuji Naka re-arrested, as fresh insider trading allegations emerge
    15. Get an Xbox Series X with an additional controller for just £469 from BT
    16. England's Jordan Pickford spotted carting PC setup abroad to play Fortnite
    17. Sonic Prime Netflix animation will premiere in Roblox this week
    18. The Witcher 3's PC update will break some mods, but several popular options will be baked in
    19. The Callisto Protocol developer "listening" to fan complaints, as console patches go live
    20. Grab a Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart 8, Minecraft and 3 months of NSO for just £259
    21. Final Fantasy 14's controller options opened the game up for me
    22. How to get Seraph Key Codes and Resonate Stems in Destiny 2
    23. Microsoft agrees 10-year deal to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo if Activision Blizzard buyout goes through
    1. GTA Online getting ray-traced reflections on PS5 and Xbox Series X
    2. Dead Island 2 shows off gameplay in gory new showcase
    3. Halo Infinite's December update adds reimagined The Pit map, custom game browser, and more
    4. Annapurna's memory adventure Hindsight out on Xbox and PlayStation
    5. Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph 2022 challenges list and rewards
    6. Vampire Survivors' first DLC Legacy of the Moonspell arrives next week
    7. Disney Dreamlight Valley 'A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space' walkthrough, including Bonnie's drawing locations
    8. The Witcher: Monster Slayer to be shut down, layoffs at studio expected
    9. Amazon's Last Minute Deals 2022: here are the best deals we've seen
    10. DF Direct Weekly on The Callisto Protocol - and Nintendo's Pokémon performance promise
    11. Destiny 2's next season gives Rasputin a creepy body
    12. Skyrim mod adds Bioware-style companions and over 9000 lines of dialogue
    13. Destiny 2 levelling guide: Max level cap and Powerful Gear, Pinnacle Gear sources explained
    14. Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph roadmap, Season 19 end date
    15. Metroid Prime developer pitched XCOM-style spin-off
    16. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet school answers for History, Biology, Math, Languages, Battle Studies, Art and Home Ec
    17. God of War Ragnarök's Photo Mode is finally here
    18. Elden Ring multiplayer Colosseum update available tomorrow
    19. Stranger Things' David Harbour to star in horror game with Jodie Comer
    20. Fortnite re-releases, then quickly pulls, ancient Snoop Dogg emote
    21. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 leaks emerge online
    22. The Witcher card game Gwent to wind down next year
    23. Disney Dreamlight Valley patch addresses Switch performance, now Steam Deck verified
    24. How to get Crabrawler and evolution Crabominable in Pokémon Go
    25. 300 QA staff at Microsoft-owned Zenimax studios unionise
    26. Microsoft formally confirms 10-year PlayStation Call of Duty contract offer
    27. Here's every death animation in The Callisto Protocol
    28. Pokémon Go Mythic Blade Collection Challenge, field research tasks and rewards
    29. Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion review - enjoyably frivolous fan service with curious implications
    1. Grab 16GB of Patriot DDR4-320 RAM for just £46.50 in this excellent eBay deal
    2. Xbox will join other publishers in selling games for $70 next year
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    4. Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer "had to go away" after game's rocky launch
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