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Stylish anime speedrunner Neon White set to debut on PlayStation

Blank out some time.

Neon White, the stylish Annapurna-published anime speedrunner, is coming to PlayStation platforms for the first time.

PlayStation 4 and PS5 versions of the game will arrive in just over a week, on Tuesday 13th December, following the game's debut on Nintendo Switch and Steam earlier this year.

Neon White tasks you with shooting through levels - both in terms of the guns you fire and the speed in which you traverse. A single-player first-person shooter, it arms you with a variety of guns you can then trade-in for parkour moves via a card-based system, with the aim being to finish levels as quickly and cleanly as possible. Here's a look at how it all works:

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A fast-paced look at Neon White's gameplay.

Its story follows White, a Hell-bound assassin, who competes against others to slay demons for a chance at redemption and entering heaven.

"With airtight controls, smooth speedrunning and a big helping of anime-inspired flair, few games can keep up with Neon White's pace," Oisin Kuhnke wrote, recommending the game in Eurogamer's Neon White review.