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This new flatscreen to VR mod turns Neon White into the perfect 'just one more go' VR game


I've been playing VR for a very long time now so my legs are pretty sturdy, but when legendary flatscreen to VR modder Raicuparta approached me with a preview build of his Neon White VR mod, I must admit I was a little apprehensive.

Surely a lightning-fast game like that would push me over the edge? I thought. But, oh my, how wrong I was. Not only was playing Neon White in VR a completely comfortable experience (for me - newcomers to VR beware!) but it also felt like the perfect 'just one more go' VR game.

Playing Neon White in virtual reality was my first ever experience with the game, flat or not, and it honestly felt like a perfect fit for the medium. You can watch me demonstrate how this mod affects the gameplay of Neon White in this week's episode of VR Corner, which features me swearing my way through a good chunk of the levels from Mission 3.

Cover image for YouTube videoPlaying Neon White In VR Is FANTASTIC - The Perfect 'Just One More Go' VR Game! - Ian's VR Corner

Unless you've already watched the video (and if you have, thank you, I love you) what you won't know is that Rai's mod also adds motion controls to the game as well, and these are fully mapped to whatever motion controllers you choose to use. This is an incredibly impressive feat that is complimented by the addition of some free-to-use weapon models for the player to hold.

The flat version has no visible weapons at all so, by bringing in these extra assets, Rai has upped the immersion further by giving the player something to point and shoot with. This, along with the 6DoF view gives you so much more spatial awareness and freedom of movement compared to the flat version of the game and it really grounds you in Neon White's heavenly world.

The full release of the Neon White VR mod is due out sometime in the next few days but if you head on over to Raicuparta's website right now, you should be able to learn more about when you can get this fantastic mod for yourself.