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Sherlock Holmes developer Frogwares shares update on life in Ukraine amid ongoing war with Russia

"We’ll keep gritting our teeth."

Following Putin's barbaric invasion of Ukraine 10 months ago, Sherlock Holmes developer Frogwares has shared an update on life in the country amid the ongoing war.

Please note, some points in the article below are a tough read. Please continue at your own discretion.

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened reveal trailer from Frogwares.Watch on YouTube

In a poignant Twitter thread, Frogwares detailed the challenges the team has faced over the last few months, stating a "wave of missile and suicide drone strikes that started in October have taken quite a toll on us mentally".

The developer discussed the action those in Ukraine have to take with each strike, sharing that when a strike happens all everyone can do is "gather [their] family and pets and go huddle in basements, shelters or bathrooms" and wait for the strikes to pass.

"Some raids last minutes. Others hours. It's hard to really tell sometimes because in reality it feels like they will never end," the developer wrote.

"But they eventually do stop. Then you go about checking the news, the team Discord channels and your messaging apps to see where was hit and if anyone you might know could be one of the casualties that day."

Frogwares calls these strikes against its country a cowardly move by Russia.

"Each time Ukraine has a decisive win on the battlefield (which we WILL all absolutely celebrate) we need also be ready that the next day, the Russians with their fragile little egos will lash out at civilian targets.

"Useless cowards who have run out of ideas how else to win a war they started so they resort to trying to demoralise, freeze and starve ordinary people."

Despite these harrowing times, Frogwares is not giving up hope, and with the rest of Ukraine will continue to celebrate its country's victories.

"If anything, it reminds us why we need to keep resisting, keep fighting and never consider negotiating because we know what we are fighting for," the developer shared.

"You can't put a rocket through my gran's living room, shell my nephew's school and bomb the hospital where my mom worked and then expect me to talk to you. So we'll keep gritting our teeth. Keep working around the chaos. Keep supporting our troops. And sure, as hell keep celebrating each victory."

Frogwares closed its thread by thanking those who continue to support Ukraine during this time. "We hope you all have a good holiday break and we'll see you all soon in 2023," it wrote.

You can see Frogware's full thread below.

Frogwares is not alone in sharing details on how life has changed in Ukraine since Putin's invasion. In June, Stalker 2 developer GSC shared an update on its staff and the development of its upcoming project with a video.

This video, which you can see below, is a tough and often extraordinary watch, but one which details how life has changed for the game's team over the course of this year.

An update from GSC Game World.Watch on YouTube

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