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A harrowing update from GSC Game World, the Stalker 2 developer based in Ukraine

From staff still in the country, and on its frontlines.

GSC Game World has provided a fresh update on its staff and the development of its upcoming project Stalker 2, amidst the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The video, below, is a tough and often extraordinary watch - but one which details how life has changed for the game's team over the course of this year.

Many GSC staff have now fled Ukraine, though others have been unable to. Here, those still in the country show their current living conditions, describe the destruction around them, and in some cases speak from the war's frontlines - where they have gone to fight for their country.

An update from GSC Game World.

One particularly harrowing section sees a developer from Mariupol discuss his missing parents.

As part of this update on the game's progress, GSC confirmed what Microsoft had detailed already - that Stalker 2 is now a 2023 launch, but that its team is determinedly still working to get it released.

Finally, here's a new story trailer for Stalker 2, which GSC also released today.

A new story trailer for Stalker 2.

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Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl

Xbox Series X/S, PC

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