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Destiny 2's next season gives Rasputin a creepy body

His eyes a flaming glow.

Bungie has unveiled Season of the Seraph, Destiny 2's new in-game season which begins today, 6th December.

For long-time Destiny fans, this season looks to reveal more about the series' mysterious AI "Warmind" Rasputin, whose robotic consciousness once took charge of galactic defense for solar system. Alongside more adventures with the Bray family, today's new trailer introduces a creepy robot body for Rasputin - a mix of Aperture Science tech and Palpatine from Rise of Skywalker.

It looks like the story of how players restore Rasputin and get him his new look will be doled out over the season via weekly story missions.

Destiny 2's Season of the Seraph.Watch on YouTube

Other changes this season include some long-awaited Cruicible updates, with a new 3v3 competitive ladder to replace Glory, engram focusing for Shaxx, a new Iron Banner zone control mode called Fortress, and a couple of new weapons for Trials of Osiris.

This season will also encompass the other side of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed X Destiny 2 mash-up. In Destiny 2, expect armour ornaments themed around Eivor (Titan), Kassandra (Hunter), and Altair (Warlock), plus an Assassin's Creed-themed Sparrow and other items.

Looking further ahead, Destiny's annual Christmas-themed event The Dawning will kick off next week on Tuesday, 13th December. This year's Moments of Triumph challenges are also now live, celebrating Destiny 2's Year 5.

Season of the Seraph is due to last until 28th February, when Lightfall, Destiny 2's next major expansion, begins the game's sixth and penultimate year of announced content with a trip to Neptune.