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Square Enix ditches Nintendo Switch racer Chocobo GP after just nine months

Broken down.

Chocobo GP
Image credit: Square Enix

Square Enix has announced an end to "large scale updates" for embattled Nintendo Switch racer Chocobo GP just nine months after launch.

While the game will remain playable and rankings will continue without the use of prize pass levels, no new characters or maps will be released, effectively ending support following the conclusion of Season 5.

Meanwhile, sales of mythril, Chocobo GP's premium currency, have been discontinued. The in-game mythril shop will disappear on 6th January. All purchased mythril becomes "invalid" then, too. Square Enix said it will not issue refunds for purchased mythril.

The Chocobo GP release date trailer offers a good look at the game.Watch on YouTube

"Thank you for playing Chocobo GP," Square Enix said in a statement that failed to explain the decision.

"We hope you continue to enjoy Chocobo GP," Square Enix concluded.

Chocobo GP is a Final Fantasy-themed take on Mario Kart, and features locales and characters from the much-loved role-playing series.

It suffered a raft of issues at launch, and came under fire for its heavy-handed use of microtransactions and an extremely grindy battle pass.

Despite a series of patches and changes, clearly Square Enix failed to turn things around.

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