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Chocobo GP gets a new patch following troubled launch

It Choco-blows.

Square Enix has released a new patch for its Final Fantasy themed kart racing sim Chocobo GP.

This patch will finally address numerous bugs present in the game, including an issue where the game stopped progressing at the rankings screen at the end of a race or while matchmaking for the next race.

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It will also attend to an issue where finishing in fourth place or higher was treated as being eliminated due to lag.

As well as this, players should also notice an improvement in character behaviour within the game.

Square Enix goes on to say it will "continue updating 'Chocobo GP' to improve the player experience".

Finally, the developer apologises to its Chocobo community for the "inconvenience" this has all caused, and thanks everyone for their "understanding".

It is fair to say that the game has not exactly had the best track record since its release on the Nintendo Switch in March.

On its launch, many fans were left disappointed by the game's general state, as well as its heavy reliance on in-game currencies and microtransactions.

Square Enix did address these concerns in a lengthy statement, but clearly there is still plenty more work to be done to get the game up to an acceptable level.