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Save on some of the year's biggest games with the Game Awards' Xbox digital sale

Highlights of 2022 on discount.

There have been some excellent games released this year, and we can look back at the range and quality while catching up during the Christmas and winter break.

And if you haven't caught up with everything, now's the perfect time to do so if you're an Xbox gamer. Microsoft has teamed up with the Game Awards to offer many of the year's best (and those from recent years) with great discounts.

There are some great highlights here, and something for everyone. Capcom's excellent Resident Evil Village from last year is down to just £16.49 right now. And Supermassive's horror narrative adventure The Quarry is available for just £29.99, a great deal for a recent release. If you're looking for a deeper narrative, Sam Barlow's Immortality, one of the year's best, is down to just £12.55. And if you're wanting a breather and seeking something light, OlliOlli World is available for just £14.99.

We've listed some of the best discounts below.

Xbox digital sale:

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