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Let's School is a management sim from the My Time At Portia devs

Child's play.

The developer behind My Time At Portia has announced a new management sim, Let's School, which is due to launch in 2023.

It's a change of tack from a studio better known for its Harvest Moon-style life simulations - such as Portia and its follow-up My Time at Sandrock. Let's School looks instead to be more in the vein of Theme Hospital - or more specifically, the recent school-set Two Point Campus.

Let's School is described as a "cosy and colourful" management sim where, as headteacher, you design everything from the school's building layout to its school clubs.

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Intriguingly, the game will also feature "randomly occurring emergencies, contraband and dynamic seasons" to keep things interesting.

"Let's School is a bit of a departure from what the world knows us for, but after being prototyped by our producer Lanka for 18 months everyone at the studio just fell in love with the project," Pathea's Alice Zhou said.

"Since then the team has grown substantially to a handful of developers and we're been blown away by what they've been able to achieve. Any fans of management sims are going to get a big kick out of this one."

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