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Sker Ritual Episode 2 takes players back to Sker Hotel

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Sker Ritual Episode 2 is out now.

The second episode of the Maid of Sker spin-off - entitled The Ashes of Sker Hotel - sees players "return to the ruins of Sker Hotel with a new threat emerging from the shadows" where you'll be expected to defeat "new creations" and "survive the hellish domain of a sadistic tyrant who threatens your cause".

Here's a whole 18-second snippet of the action:

Sker Ritual - Episode 2 Teaser - The Ashes of Sker Hotel.Watch on YouTube

"What challenges and terrors await you in a dilapidated Sker Hotel?" the developer teases. "Players will re-explore the Main Floor and the Basement and discover the secret path to other familiar and new locations around the hotel. Survive the onslaught of the Quiet Ones in this tight and tricky-to-navigate environment. Good luck."

You can also expect charged-up Quiet Ones, and Husks, which may be masquerading as "ordinary" Quiet Ones. We're also advised not to go in expecting "just a wave shooter"; the new map is "littered with objectives for you and your teammates", complete with unique challenges, too, as you work towards the final boss fight.

Sker Ritual released at the beginning of October and is currently available via early access on Steam and is set to leave early access in Q1 2023. Wales Interactive recently released a new DLC teaser and development roadmap for its "round-based co-op survival FPS".

The original Maid of Sker is rooted in Welsh folklore, retelling the supposedly true tale of Elizabeth Williams, said to have have died of a broken heart after being locked inside her home by her controlling father.

"In truth, there's little here that innovates or improves on a well-worn formula, and in many ways, Maid of Sker is a by-rote indie horror that does little to surprise the player or push the genre forward," I wrote when I reviewed Maid of Sker last year.

"That said, while I can't pretend I enjoyed the agonising stealth and combat mechanics, I can't deny that despite its flaws, I enjoyed exploring Sker Hotel and uncovering its intriguing tale."

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