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Hollywood's Super Nintendo World opens in February

Star power.

Super Nintendo World opens at Universal Studios Hollywood on 17th February 2023.

This the second Mushroom Kingdom theme park area to open globally, following the first's opening at Universal Studios in Japan in 2021.

The two will share a number of similar attractions, including an AR Mario Kart-themed ride, a Mario-themed cafe and exclusive merchandise. But the US version will lack its big Yoshi's Adventure ride - cut, it was previously reported, due to size issues.

Hollywood's Super Nintendo World.Watch on YouTube

A third Super Nintendo World is already under construction at Universal Orlando Resort, and is reportedly set to open in 2025.

Back in Japan, meanwhile, the original Super Nintendo World is set to be expanded with a fresh Donkey Kong area - due to drum up further tourism from 2024 onwards.

Despite several delays due to the effects of the Covid pandemic, Japan's Super Nintendo World has proven popular - even if it has until recently been difficult for anyone outside of Japan to visit.

The area has also sparked several headlines for things going wrong - such as an overnight fire in its aforementioned Yoshi's Adventure Ride, and a tumbling tower of Goombas which crashed to the ground in high winds.

Are you tempted to give Hollywood's Super Nintendo Land a try? Or are you holding out for your Mario fix from the Super Mario Bros. Movie?