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Nintendo World suspends rides as Goomba statue breaks free, plummets to ground

Just as well it wasn't the Thwomp.

Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan was forced to suspend several rides yesterday after a stack of Goomba characters plummeted to the ground.

No injuries have been reported.

The Goomba statue broke free from its normal position atop the Yoshi's Adventure ride, Asahi Shumbun Digital reported (thanks, VGC). The Goombas fell just next to the ride's track, close to where a Yoshi car was passing by, but not directly onto anywhere guests could have been.

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Video of the incident's aftermath, below, shows a crowd of Nintendo World employees struggling to drag the Goombas away into the underground portion of Yoshi's Adventure, and out of sight.

A safety warning notice can be heard being played over loudspeakers.

It's feared that high winds at the park may have caused the Goombas to come loose - a typhoon is reported to have been nearing the region at the time.

Various Universal Studios Japan attractions were then closed for the remainder of the day so that safety checks could be made.

Super Nintendo World finally opened to public in March after nearly a year's delay due to the global pandemic. Originally, it had been set to launch alongside the Tokyo Olympics back in 2020.

Across the Pacific, Super Nintendo World Orlando is now reportedly aiming for a 2025 opening, while construction continues on another park in California.