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Here's a brand new clip from The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Pipe dreams.

Tonight's The Game Awards 2022 ceremony included a fresh excerpt from the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie, showing Mario himself get used to travelling via warp pipes.

As is befitting his outsider status in the Mushroom Kingdom, Chris Pratt's Mario has a rough ride in his first pipe, while being shown around by Keegan-Michael Key's Toad. He's also not that great at platforming yet, either.

I love the music in this clip - a nice reworking of some classic Mario melodies. The clip ends with Mario reaching Princess Peach's Castle. Let's watch:

Tonight's sneek peak at The Super Mario Bros. Movie.Watch on YouTube

A highlight of tonight for me was Key showing off some gaming knowledge and weighing in on the Toad hat or head debate - and you think he'd know. Good news - he's Team Head.

For more, here's a full breakdown of the most recent Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer in detail.

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