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EU sets December 2024 deadline for USB-C charging

All wired up.

The date by which all new mobile devices sold in the EU must use USB-C charging has been officially confirmed.

Previously, a window of autumn 2024 had been set as the deadline. MEPs and EU member states voted to adopt USB-C charging ports back in October.

Directive 2022/2380, the amendment to existing EU regulation which will enforce the new charger rule, has now been published in the Official Journal of the EU, which reveals the deadline all phone manufacturers will have to comply by.

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As per Article 2 of the published Directive, EU member states are required to adopt and publish legislation that comply with Director 2022/2380 by 28th December 2023. The laws will come into effect a year later on 28th December 2024, which is when Apple will have to (begrudgingly) drop its Lightning cable design and adopt USB-C by.

The legislation applies only to mobile devices, including Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck models. Laptops will be required to follow suit from 28th April 2026.

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