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Apple admits it "has to comply" with new EU mandate for single charging cables

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Apple has confirmed the iPhone will be getting that USB-C cable port, in accordance with the European Commission's upcoming mandate.

By autumn 2024, all portable electronic devices sold in the EU will need to use USB Type-C for charging. The aim is to reduce electronic waste and be more consumer friendly by having just one "common charger".

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Now the powers that be at Apple have confirmed the company will release an iPhone with this charging port - even though it is not very happy about it all.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal (via TheVerge), Apple's senior vp of worldwide marketing Greg Joswiak stated: "Obviously, we'll have to comply. We have no choice." So, that's that.

But while Joswiak has said the company will comply, he still has his quarrels with this new mandate.

"I don't mind governments telling us what they want to accomplish," Joswiak explained. "But usually, we've got some pretty smart engineers to figure out the best ways to accomplish them."

He went on to address chargers with detachable cables, stating he feels these are a better solution all round. Further, he believes the EU will actually add to the world's e-waste, rather than lessen it.

"As we do around the world, [we] comply with local laws but, we think the approach would have been better environmentally and better for our customers to not have a government be that prescriptive," he concluded.

Joswiak did not say whether or not Apple would include this USB-C connector with phones sold outside of the EU.

Apple has been the key opponent to this initiative in the past, opting instead to use its proprietary Lightning cable design since 2012.

Meanwhile, all of Nintendo's current Switch models use USB-C already, as does Valve's Steam Deck.

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