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EA's FIFA predicts World Cup winner for fourth time in a row

VAR mode.

EA has used its FIFA series to correctly predict the winner of the World Cup for fourth consecutive time.

The entire tournament was simulated inside FIFA 23, which outputted Argentina as the ultimate winners, with Lionel Messi winning the Golden Boot and Emi Martínez winning the Golden Glove awards. The predictions were published November 8th, long before the tournament had started.

The game's ability to predict the winner for the fourth time in a row is a testament to the accuracy of FIFA's official rankings, but of course the uncertainty of the real world means that not everything was predicted correctly.

For starters, it was of course France's Kylian Mbappe who won the Golden Boot, after scoring a hat-trick in the final which ultimately wasn't enough for the European team to beat Argentina.

The game also predicted that Argentina would face Brazil in the final, with France in third place. Brazil was instead knocked out of the tournament in the quarter-final against Croatia.

You can still relive the World Cup yourself in FIFA 23 via the respective game mode, but if you're back to your Ultimate Team routine, check out Eurogamer's guide on World Cup Swaps Tokens.

This will also be the last EA football title to bear the FIFA name, with the publisher announcing that the next game will be called EA Sports FC.

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