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EA Sports is "closing in" on a £500m deal with the Premier League

They think it's all over...

EA Sports is "closing in" on a deal with the Premier League.

According to Sky News, the deal – thought to be worth £488m – was shared with the 20 Premier League clubs yesterday (Friday, 10th February) among reports of a "new six-year partnership".

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According to Sky, one club executive "said it would deliver more than £80m annually, and would consist of EA remaining as the league's lead partner as well as retaining its exclusive electronic game licence".

We found out last May that after almost 30 years, EA's flagship football series was set to ditch its FIFA branding.

From 2023, FIFA's new name will be EA Sports FC, although the game itself is not expected to change much from the gameplay we know today, including the same modes and wide array of club and player licenses.

"It was really about how can we do more for the players, more for the fans, how can we offer them more modalities to play," EA boss Andrew House said at the time. "How can we bring more partners into the game, how can we expand beyond the bounds of the traditional game."

During EA's financial report at the time, the company said it was thankful for its partnership with FIFA, and credited FIFA 22 for having the series' most successful launch to date.