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FIFA 23 Prime Gaming rewards for November 2022 and how to link Amazon account to FIFA 23

Get free FUT packs and players every month.

Following on from the previous entry's collaboration with Amazon Prime, FIFA 23 is getting a new drop with the current November Prime Gaming rewards.

As long as you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can link an Amazon account to FIFA 23 and enjoy new FUT packs and players every month.

For your other FUT needs, we've got pages on how the new Chemistry system works, a OTW upgrade tracker and RTTK upgrade tracker, along with pages explaining lengthy players, Squad Battles, and FUT Coins.

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FIFA 23 Prime Gaming rewards for November 2022

With November coming to a close, we got another Prime Gaming drop for FUT, as just like with last year's FIFA entry, there will be a new drop one once a month for FIFA 23.

The current FIFA 23 Prime Gaming rewards for November 2022 are:

  • x7 Gold Rare Players
  • x2 Player Picks with minimum OVR 81+
  • x12 Rare Consumables
  • x1 Loan Haaland on 15 games
  • x8 Player Picks between 2 World Cup Players

That's some very handy bonuses to have in FUT, especially if you're taking part in World Cup events in FIFA 23.

FIFA World Cup 2022

How to link an Amazon account to FIFA 23

To get Prime Gaming rewards in FIFA 23, you first need to make sure you have an active Amazon Prime membership, and then link that Amazon account to the EA account associated with your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. You'll even get Prime Gaming rewards if you only have a free trial of the subscription service!

Once you're sure that you are subscribed to Amazon Prime, your payment option is up to date, and you have OTP set up on your Amazon account with your current mobile phone number, then here's the steps you need to take to link your Amazon account to FIFA 23:

  1. Go to the FIFA 23 Prime Gaming page, sign in, and click the pack you want to claim.
  2. Below the 'Link game account' section, select 'Go to Electronic Arts' and allow Amazon access.
  3. Sign in to your EA account linked with FIFA 23 and FUT, and select 'Link Accounts'.
  4. Select 'Return to amazon' and then 'Complete claim' in the FIFA 23 rewards menu.
  5. Launch FIFA 23, and go to the 'Store' in Ultimate Team, and select 'My Packs'.
  6. Open your Prime Gaming pack to redeem its rewards.

It's very important to link your Prime Gaming account with the same EA account associated with FIFA 23 and FUT. If you don't, the rewards will go to a different EA account. To claim the rewards in this instance, you would have to link that different account to FIFA 23 through Xbox or PlayStation, or other platforms, to get your rewards - but all your FUT progress so far will be lost!

You need to link your EA account to your Amazon account to get its Prime Gaming Rewards.

If you do link to the wrong account and have already claimed the rewards, they are unfortunately lost unless you want to start your FUT journey all over again. You can, however, change the EA account linked with your Prime Gaming account once every six months by visting EA's customer portal.

You can only unlink once every six months.

If you come across any other issues while linking your accounts, make sure you're linking an Amazon account with an active Prime subscription, that your default payment option hasn't expired, one hour has passed since claiming, and that you've restarted FIFA 23 multiple times.

If you’re just getting started in FIFA 23, check out our Ultimate Team best starter teams page. You can improve your team by trading and spending FUT Coins - some of which can be earned by completing Milestone Objectives. It’s also a good idea to learn how Squad Battles and Champions work in FIFA 23. We also have an OTW tracker and RTTK tracker. Chemistry has been completely changed in FIFA 23 too and don’t forget about the wide variety of Skill Moves, and make sure to claim your Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond rewards in FUT while you can! Finally, if you need help building the perfect team, we have pages on the best players overall, best Premier League players and fastest players. Along with FIFA 23’s best lengthy players, wonderkids, best strikers, best wingers, best midfielders and best defenders.

Previous FIFA 23 Prime Gaming rewards

It looks like we'll be getting another year of Prime Gaming drops with FIFA 23. To give you an idea of what's to come, here's every previous FIFA 23 Prime Gaming reward:

Month and year Prime Gaming reward
October 2022 x7 Gold Rare Players
x2 Player Pick with minimum OVR 81+
x12 Rare Consumables
x1 Mbappé on 5 games loan
November 2022 x7 Gold Rare Players
x2 Player Pick with minimum OVR 81+
x12 Rare Consumables
x1 Loan Haaland on 15 games
x8 Player Picks between 2 World Cup Players

All the best building your FUT teams!

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