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Grinding gears

Is Need for Speed: Unbound's protracted progression a blessing or a curse?

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It’s been, I’m sure you’ve noticed, a big week for big new games. The Callisto Protocol (which I’ve just spelt correctly for the first time without having to correct myself, which feels like some small progress) is delivering its spin on Dead Space before we get the remake proper next year, while Marvel’s Midnight Suns sounds truly sublime, but - and this won’t come as a surprise, I’m sure - it’s another game that’s caught my attention this week.

We’ve yet to post our Need for Speed: Unbound review; EA didn’t supply any pre-release code (or any post-release, for that matter) so I’ve been making the most of the 10-hour trial on EA Play. Indeed, I’ve just squeaked beyond those 10 hours and the fact I didn’t mind paying up for the full product suggests I’m having some sort of fun, but dear lord is this thing slow to get going.

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