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Need for Speed Unbound's Volume 2 update adds multiplayer cops and more next week

Daily challenges! New Hot Laps! Other stuff!

Criterion and EA have unveiled Need for Speed Unbound: Volume 2, a free content update coming to all platforms next Wednesday, 21st March.

Volume 2 - said to be the first in what will presumably be a series of post-launch updates for Criterion's well-received racer - looks to bring a little bit more of everything, starting with the introduction of cop chases in multiplayer. "Stay ahead of the chase to make Bank while your friends help knock them off your tail," is how Criterion explains the addition in its announcement, "or take the Heat off you for their own rewards.

Alongside multiplayer cop skirmishes - which come complete with new banner rewards - Volume 2 ushers in Daily Challenges, with players able to complete up to three (selected from a pool of 40) each day in order to earn XP and Bank. There's also a "special luxury ride" for those that complete enough challenges.

Cover image for YouTube videoNeed for Speed Unbound - VOL 2 Content Update Trailer
Need for Speed Unbound: Volume 2 content update trailer.

Elsewhere, Criterion is promising 30 new 30-second Hot Lap races - offering a range of cosmetic rewards and a mysterious new vehicle described as the "world's fastest leather armchair" - plus two new Rumble playlists (each containing three new races), four new Endurance events, two new Street Races, and a pair of new Standard Playlists.

Criterion notes there's a Rare Custom Lotus Emira Balmain Edition 2021 waiting for players that successfully complete three playlists in the Lotus, while a two-seater Nissan Fairlady ZG 1971 will be dished out to all EA Play members. Lastly, and rather more grubbily, Volume 2 gives players the option to unlock the locations of all collectibles and activities on their Unbound map - as long as they're willing to pay $4.99 USD to do so.

Need For Speed Unbound: Volume 2 launches 21st March, on Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC.