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Adorable mouse adventure Moss and its sequel are PSVR2 launch titles

Arriving in February next year.

Delightful VR fantasy adventure Moss and its sequel have been confirmed as PSVR2 launch titles, with both games arriving alongside Sony's new hardware on 22nd February next year.

The original Moss, if you're unfamiliar, initially launched as a PSVR exclusive back in 2018, gaining widespread acclaim for its charming tale of a tiny mouse, Quill, on a journey through a beautiful, human-sized fantasy world. Eurogamer called it "the finest PSVR game to date".

Its best trick was its hybrid first-person/-third-person perspective, giving players full control over Quill while simultaneously letting them view the action through the eyes of a spirit, able to interact with the environment to solve puzzles and help Quill on her journey.

Cover image for YouTube videoMoss: Book II The First 90 Minutes - MOSS 2 GAMEPLAY! - Ian's VR Corner
Ian Higton plays Moss: Book 2 on the original PSVR.

As Eurogamer's Ian Higton explained in his review, "It allows you too lean into Quill's world, to inspect it, to explore it and to fiddle and interact with it. It disintegrates the invisible barriers that have existed between the player and their avatar since video games first came about, and it does so in a way that'll make your heart soar."

Moss' equally well-received follow-up, Moss: Book 2, launched earlier this year, delivering an adventure Ian Higton called a "fairy-tale goodbye for the PSVR".

With PSVR's successor now almost here, developer Polyarc's has confirmed Moss and its sequel will be launch day titles for PSVR2, joining the likes of Horizon Call of the Mountain, No Man's Sky, and The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR as day one releases.

On PSVR2, Moss 1 and 2 will feature new game mechanics and improved visuals - including enhanced lighting and textures, running at 90fps in 4K - as well as support for eye tracking, two-controller set-up, revamped haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers, with objects responding to the amount of force being applied.

There's no upgrade path for players that already own Moss 1 or 2 on the original PSVR, but anyone pre-ordering the PSVR2 versions via the PlayStation Store will get 10% off their launch prices, and 10% off the two-game bundle, which normally costs $39.99 USD.