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Horizon Call of the Mountain confirmed as PlayStation VR2 launch title

Peak news.

Firesprite's Horizon Call of the Mountain will release alongside the PlayStation VR2 on 22nd of February.

Horizon's creator Guerrilla Games confirmed the news earlier today. Pre-orders for the game are now open via the PlayStation Store. There is also the option to order the Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle, which will provide both the PS VR2 hardware and the game itself.

In addition to this news, Guerrilla also released a trailer for Call of the Mountain, which you can see below.

Get ready to step into the shoes (and put on the gloves) of Ryas.Watch on YouTube

In Call of the Mountain, players will take on the role of former Shadow Carja Warrior Ryas.

"Haunted by a difficult past and scouted for a dangerous task, Ryas has been offered freedom only in exchange for investigating a new threat to the Sundom," Guerrilla explains. "A master at climbing and archery, he will need to utilise all of his skills to survive the perilous journey for answers."

As players make their way through Horizon's post-apocalyptic world on Call of the Mountain's release, they will come across both new characters and familiar faces. This will include Zero Dawn and Forbidden West protagonist Aloy.

Elsewhere in Horizon news, earlier this year it was claimed a PS5 remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn is currently in the pipeline. In addition to this, a Horizon MMO is also reportedly in the works with Sony and NCsoft.