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Horizon Zero Dawn PlayStation 5 remaster reportedly in the works

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New reports claim a remaster of Guerrilla's Horizon Zero Dawn is currently in the works for the PS5.

Originally revealed by MP1st, this remaster will allegedly bring Zero Dawn closer in terms of visuals to its successor, Forbidden West.

While, at the time of writing, it is unclear whether this is a "from the ground up" remake of the 2017 title, it is claimed that this version of Zero Dawn will see new character models, improvements to the game's lighting system and animations, and "overhauled textures".

Zoe digs into Horizon Zero Dawn's lore.Watch on YouTube

In addition to this news, this report also stated that an online multiplayer set in Horizon's world is being worked on by PlayStation. This will allegedly be coming to both the PlayStation 5 and PC.

Since this news over the weekend, other sources have corroborated the information, including Gematsu, VGC and industry insider Lance McDonald. However, Sony and Horizon developer Guerrilla are yet to release an official statement.

If this report does get confirmed, it is fair to assume this release will tie in with the upcoming Horizon TV adaption for Netflix.

First announced back in May, this adaptation will be helmed by Steve Blackman, who is the showrunner for The Umbrella Academy (as well as working on the currently in development ISS drama Orbital). It will feature series protagonist Aloy, among other characters.

Along with this news, rumours earlier in the year claimed that Horizon Zero Dawn's TV narrative would be split across two timelines. One would follow the game's timeline, while the other would document the fall of humanity.

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