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No Man Sky's free PSVR2 update is coming on launch day next year

Helmets at the ready.

When Sony unveiled release details for PSVR2 earlier this month, it only confirmed two launch day titles - Horizon: Call of the Mountain and Quest 2 port Cities VR: Enhanced Edition. However, it turns out No Man's Sky fans also have something to look forward to, with Hello Games confirming to Eurogamer that its previously announced PSVR2 update will be arriving alongside Sony's new hardware on 22nd February next year.

Hello Games revealed a PSVR2 update for No Man's Sky was in the works back in June, teasing an enhanced VR experience that would utilise the power of PlayStation 5, PSVR2, and its new Sense controllers to build on the game's 2019 VR implementation, and "take that sense of immersion and believability up by several major notches."

Evidence that PSVR2 owners wouldn't have to wait long for No Man's Sky's promised VR upgrade first surfaced earlier this week when sharp-eyed PS5 Store users (by which I mean Eurogamer's resident VR aficionado Ian Higton) spotted an updated description on Hello Games' PSVR2 reveal trailer, pointing to a February release.

Hello Games' updated PSVR 2 trailer description on PS5 Store.

However, given the glaring typo present in the description - it initially read "February 2022" instead of 2023, although that's since been remedied - it wasn't immediately obvious if this was an official alteration or some inadvertent back-end error. Speaking to Eurogamer, though, Hello Games has now confirmed the February release is not only correct, but that No Man's Sky will be getting its PSVR2 update when the hardware arrives on launch day.

No Man's Sky - PSVR 2 Announcement Trailer.

Hello Games is yet to go into specifics about what the update will bring, but its first stab at incorporating VR into No Man's Sky proved to be a dazzling way to experience its expansive procedural universe. That said, there was still room for improvement across both PSVR and PC VR, so it'll be interesting to see if Hello Games has taken the opportunity to notably refine its initial efforts - and if any such refinements will make their way to PC.

Expect more details on No Man's Sky's PSVR2 update - which will be free to existing owners of the game - ahead of its launch on 22nd February 2023.

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