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The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR confirmed as PSVR 2 launch title

And pre-order bonuses revealed.

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR - developer Supermassive Games' rail-shooter spin on its acclaimed narrative horror series - has been confirmed as a launch day title for Sony's PlayStation VR 2, meaning it'll arrive on 22nd February next year.

Switchback isn't Supermassive's first foray into spooky VR, of course; it previously adapted its cinematic horror game Until Dawn into both a VR prequel and a gaudy, rollercoaster-like rail shooter called Rush of Blood. And Dark Pictures: Switchback VR is very much a spiritual successor to the latter, sending players on a "nightmarish and horrifying" branching VR thrill ride through scenes that should be familiar to Dark Pictures fans.

"Survive the Ghost Ship and its distorted apparitions," Supermassive teases, "confront hideous demonic incarnations of persecuted 'witches'. Fight for your life against other-worldly vampires and escape the horrifying World's Fair Hotel's sadistic serial killer."

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR - Announce Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Previously, Switchback VR was officially only confirmed as a "spring" 2023 release, but now it's been formally slapped with a 22nd February launch date, meaning it'll arrive alongside PSVR 2, where it'll cost £32.99/$39.99 USD.

To accompany the news, Supermassive has also detailed Switchback VR's Inferno Pack pre-order bonus on the PlayStation Store, which includes the Demon Handgun, special edition Gold Gun, premium skull and bones cart, plus the skull bobble head, for those that want to put their money down early.

PlayStation VR2 will cost £530 when it launches on 22nd February, with other confirmed release day titles including Horizon Call of the Mountain, Cities VR: Enhanced Edition, and the free PSVR2 upgrade for No Man's Sky.

Eurogamer's Ian Higton went hands-on with PSVR2 earlier this year and came away impressed, saying it was "all I could have wanted for an upgraded PSVR headset and much, much more."