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After The Fall is coming to PSVR2

"Experience real haptic feedback, a 4K HDR display, and a 110 degree field of view."

After The Fall is coming to PlayStation VR2 on 22nd February, 2023, the same date Sony's new VR system is scheduled to release.

Vertigo Games says that the improved version of the four-player co-op title will "reach an astounding level of immersion that will jolt players as they experience real haptic feedback, a 4K HDR display, and a 110 degree field of view".

You can see it in action below:

After the Fall | Complete Edition Trailer [ESRB].Watch on YouTube

"With yet another nomination for Best of VR at this year’s TGA, the developers of After The Fall and Arizona Sunshine couldn’t be more excited to be part of the impressive lineup coming to the new PS VR2," the team says.

After the Fall see you start out in a shared space with up to 32 other players across all platforms, where "players venture out into post-apocalyptic LA in squads of four in a bid to reclaim the city". You'll get to explore a sub-zero LA, slay "massive hordes", craft, and explore a host of new "maps, modes, threats, and armoury".

Not come across After the Fall before? Luckily enough, Ian's already played the original version - you can check out his experience in this Ian's VR Corner overview.

"Overall, the core gameplay grind in After the Fall isn't exactly groundbreaking and it definitely feels like a case of 'been there, done that but in flat', but the social aspects and the added immersion offered by VR elevates the whole experience so you snow it'll make a great addition to your library," Ian wrote at the time.

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