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Grab a 65-inch LG OLED for £1199 after a £300 discount

The LG CS is a mix of the C1 and C2, but it's £500 cheaper than the C2.

Normally 65-inch LG OLEDs cost an arm and a leg, but right now you can pick up the LG CS in this gargantuan size for just £1199 after a £300 discount at British retailers PRC Direct. You need to use the code 22WINTER300 to get this price, which makes the CS some £500 cheaper than the C2 OLED of the same size.

But what's the difference between the C1, C2 and this CS - and why do we think it's such a good deal at this price? I'll plunk down the link here, and then I can explain.

So the CS OLED is basically LG's response to the news that their C1 OLED, with its traditional OLED panel and lower price, was selling significantly better than the new C2 with its brighter OLED Evo panel. Rather than continuing to sell and support last year's LG C1 OLED for another year, the company has made the CS - which uses the non-Evo panel of the C1, but with the newer Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor and facade of the C2. This allows the price to be significantly lower!

Of course, as an LG OLED, you get all the usual advantages - infinite contrast with perfect blacks, near-instant pixel response times, gorgeous colours, wide viewing angles and Dolby Vision HDR. Brightness here isn't as good as QLED TVs or the newer OLED Evo or QD-OLED panels, but still fine for most circumstances, especially if you aren't viewing the TV under direct sunlight.

More importantly for the Digital Foundry audience, it has a full complement of gaming features too, with four HDMI 2.1 ports that allow for 4K 120Hz gaming on PS5, Xbox Series X or PC. Input lag is low and FreeSync, G-Sync and HDMI Forum VRR are all supported to smooth out frame-rates. The only omission is 120Hz Black Frame Insertion, which was found on the C1 but doesn't make it to the C2 - perhaps due to that newer processor.

So - long story short, we highly recommend the CS OLED, as it's among the best gaming TVs available, and getting a 65-inch model for £1199 is incredible. Remember to use the 22WINTER300 code, and rest assured that you're also getting a five year warranty from PRC Direct. Altogether, a great deal.

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