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The House of the Dead: Remake "Limidead Edition" is now available on PS4

Dead excited.

Great news, zombie fans: The House of the Dead: Remake "Limidead Edition" is now available on PS4.

Developed by MegaPixel Studio, The House of the Dead: Remake "offers players around the world the joy to discover or rediscover this timeless arcade classic" and is a "state of the art remake" complete with upgraded graphics, audio, and new game modes.

The House of the Dead: Remake l Limidead Edition Trailer l Microids & MegaPixel Studio.Watch on YouTube

The Limidead Edition, as the name suggests, comes with a handful of additional goodies, too, including not only a copy of the game but an "exclusive box with lenticular" - which means it moves when you look at it from different angles - two cardboard character stands, and a sticker sheet.

"Renowned biochemist and geneticist, Dr Roy Curien is obsessed by his lifetime project of discovering the nature of life and death," teases the blurb. "When he finally succeeds, it’s time for his former colleague Sophie Richards to ask for the help of her friends at AMS; Thomas Rogan and agent G.

"Their mission is simple, end the doctor’s macabre project and save all the employees of the lab. Play solo or with a friend and shoot hordes of undeads and nightmare creatures in this fantastically gory and shameless arcade shooter!"

Now it's available on both PS4 and Switch, Xbox fans may be feeling disheartened, but never fear; The House of the Dead: Remake Limidead Edition is also coming to Xbox One in January 2023.