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GTA Online holiday update pays homage to Die Hard and The Grinch

Good day to rockstar.

With Christmas upon us, developers of live service games are adding the obligatory seasonal content to get players through the winter.

Rockstar, perhaps being one of the pioneers of the live-service model, have of course a new update ready for Grand Theft Auto online.

First up, we have "The Gooch," which pays homage to none other than The Grinch.

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"Crime certainly spikes around the holidays: everyone's flush with gifted cash, after all. So, beware of The Gooch, a nefarious opportunist now roaming the streets and lurking in the shadows, looking to empty the pockets of unsuspecting players while causing grievous bodily harm."

Players who successfully fight off The Gooch get some extra in-game cash and The Gooch Mask as a reward.

Next, we have the "Weazel Plaza Shootout", which is a nod to none other than Die Hard.

"Keep an eye on the sky above Weazel Plaza for robbers in a tense shootout with a LSPD helicopter. Get involved, strip the thieves of their wallet and pick up a brand-new weapon befitting of your vigilante heroics."

Completing the event will unlock a new skin for the Pistol Mk II, that can be applied at any Weapons Workshop.

The GTA Online winter event runs from 22nd December to 29th December 2022.