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Grand Theft Auto 6 fans are so eager for more news, they've turned to the moon

Content craters.

Grand Theft Auto fans think this image is alluding to an immanent reveal
Image credit: Rockstar

Rockstar is yet to share details about Grand Theft Auto 6, but fans are convinced an announcement of some sort is imminent. Why? Because of the moon.

The developer recently released a new image for GTA Online's Moon Festival, which you can see above. This image was shared as part of a blog post about GTA Online which - on the surface at least - was all fairly standard stuff.

But it's the Moon Festival image which is getting attention - as some fans believe Rockstar is actually teasing the series' next entry in this seemingly straightforward picture.

Here's our Ian playing some GTA5.Watch on YouTube

The theories start out simple and logically enough. In the background of the image you can make out GTA Online's famous Vinewood sign. However, the sign itself has been obscured by the two characters (in their Red Happy Moon T-shirts) in a way that leaves only the letters V and I visible. And, of course, VI side by side like that makes six in Roman numerals.

Many replies state this is clearly an intentional GTA 6 tease by Rockstar, and perhaps it is.

But then the rumination goes, literally, out of this world.

Grand Theft Auto fan account @GTAVInewz shared this Moon Festival image, speculating that Rockstar will in fact share more on GTA6 later today, 3rd October.

According to the post, Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Games have typically been announced on a Tuesday in October. Meanwhile, the moon in the image matches this evening's lunar phase.

Another user by the name of @Dirty_Worka also shared this image, stating that the moon in this promo is a "Waning Gibbous at ~85 percent". While I am no astrologer, @Dirty_Worka said the moon entered this same phase yesterday, and it will enter it again on 1st November.

"Could this latest Tweet not only tease VI, but point to the next big announcement," the poster pondered.

The thing is, no matter what Rockstar says or does, fans are going to speculate.

Another image shared within the same blog post showed off a new hat GTA Online players can get their hands on as part of Oktoberfest. And, despite neither a V or an I being anywhere near as apparent as they are in the Moon Festival image, many have 'found' them hidden away by the developer (although many of these replies seem to be more tongue in cheek).

So, will we hear more news soon? Well, we do know Grand Theft Auto 6 is on the horizon, with publisher Take-Two telling investors to expect "record levels" of sales next year. Rockstar will surely share more details within the coming months. But later today? Who really knows other than the developer itself.

Eurogamer will update you when we hear more.

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