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The Callisto Protocol lays out six months of post-launch content

Lost in space.

Striking Distance has provided a timeframe for The Callisto Protocol's post launch content.

Upcoming free DLC includes New Game Plus and a Hardcore Mode. These will be available from the 7th February.

Meanwhile, as part of The Callisto Protocol's season pass, players will be able to get their hands on the Outer Way skin collection (also coming on 7th February), the Contagion Bundle (coming March 2023) and the Riot Bundle (coming Spring 2023).

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Callisto Protocol - Official Launch Trailer
Here's a launch trailer for The Callisto Protocol to show it in action.

The Riot Bundle will feature a new wave-based mode set in an "undiscovered area" of Black Iron Prison, while the Contagion Bundle will have a permadeath mode included.

Meanwhile there will be new story content arriving sometime in the summer.

Striking Distance said it will share further details on the above "soon", perhaps even detailing more of those previously promised death animations.

Eurogamer recently awarded The Callisto Protocol with a Recommended badge.

Here, Vikki acknowledged that while "Dead Space comparisons are impossible to avoid" she feels it makes up for some of the missing tension "with production value and bloody-minded fun."

"It's not anywhere near as scary as I was expecting," she wrote. "But if you, like me, are coming into The Callisto Protocol thinking it's a shallow facsimile of Dead Space? Well, [it's] not quite."