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Callisto Protocol gets hour PlayStation Plus Premium trial

Scary tale ending.

The Callisto Protocol has joined PlayStation Plus Premium's ever-expanding trials programme - good news indeed for those yet to try the space horror game.

You can now play the game for one hour, which will give you a little taster of what's in store for protagonist Jacob Lee as he negotiates the perils of the galactic prison facility he finds himself in on Jovian moon Callisto.

Six things you need to know about The Callisto Protocol.Watch on YouTube

It is a shorter trial than previous PlayStation Plus offerings, with the likes of God of War Ragnarök giving players three hours of gameplay, but still a nice addition to the service.

Striking Distance's debut game reportedly failed to hit its sales targets following its release last year, forcing publisher Krafton's investors to "lower their target stock prices".

The action horror - which cost around £132m to make over three years - affected parent company Krafton's value "due to sales shortages". According to one of the investors, Krafton expected to shift 5m copies of The Callisto Protocol, before this was scaled back. Its sales now stand north of 2m, with the publisher admitting it would "not be easy" to hit that previous target.

The Callisto Protocol has a one hour trial on PS Plus Premium.

Despite this, Vikki Blake enjoyed her time with the game, complementing its action in Eurogamer's Callisto Protocol review.

"Dear lord, it's sublime," she wrote. "Chopping up the denizens of Callisto is choreographed with grotesque precision, and every shot feels meaty and impactful."

Vikki also acknowledged that while "Dead Space comparisons [were] impossible to avoid" she felt it made up for some of the missing tension "with production value and bloody-minded fun".

"It's not anywhere near as scary as I was expecting," she wrote. "But if you, like me, are coming into The Callisto Protocol thinking it's a shallow facsimile of Dead Space? Well, [it's] not quite."

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